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Base Coat Collection

High Quality Gels

Take Your Base Coat Collection to The Next Level

Do you have recipes for a base coat collection but can’t produce that top quality product that consumers want to buy? If so, the team at COS BEAUTY CO LTD can help.


At COS BEAUTY CO LTD, they are manufacturers of high quality gels for nails. They produce these high quality gels with their own recipes, using reliable work, proven techniques and cutting-edge technologies. But, they can also take your own ideas and recipes to create new recipes that are in line with your own requirements (colour, viscosity, qualities of adhesion, curing, brilliance, opacity, etc.). As a professional manufacturer of high quality gels for nails, they specialize in private label products in small and large quantities, and can help with the filling, labeling and packaging of your product.


With their dynamic team of specialists, they can help to develop high quality gel for your base coat collection.


Check out some their best sellers from their base coat collection below:


Milk White Cover Rubber Base TRC-00

Super Milky cover rubber base



Rubber base coat RB-E / RB-S / RB-H

Rubber Base has a unique rubber-based formula that makes it one of the best bases on the market! This varnish base is thicker than usual which allows it to be more easily applied, whether to form the basic structure of the nail or reconstruct it, while maintaining the curve in natural C of the nail.


With a guaranteed 2-3 week hold, the Rubber Base stays flexible, does not sag, does not crack and keeps its shape all along. This base also dissolves very well in acetone without requiring the use of a file or sander.


There’s a variety of three types to match with any kind of nails:

RB-E: Super elastic

RB-S: Strong and hard

RB-H: strong and elastic


If you would like to order high quality gels from their base coat collection or if you would like to learn more about COS BEAUTY CO LTD, go to

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