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Effective Collection

Nail Accessories

Are You Ready To Start Your Effective Collection?

Are you planning to start a company that offers an effective collection of gel polish? If so, contact COS BEAUTY CO LTD.


COS BEAUTY CO LTD is a professional manufacturer of nail gel products and nail accessories. They focus on private label products in small and large quantities. Through meticulous, reliable work and using cutting-edge technologies they are able to create quality nail products and nail accessories to the highest standards. COS BEAUTY CO LTD produces their nail accessories and products according to their own recipes but can take your own ideas and develop new recipes modified according to your requirements (colour, viscosity, qualities of adhesion, curing, brilliance, opacity, etc.).


Hygiene, quality control and documentation are their first priority and they always ensure premium quality with all of their products. They can even help with filling, labeling and packaging and can help you develop a package solution that is the right fit for your product or messaging need.


Have their dynamic team of specialists in the field of polymer chemistry develops creative solutions for your top coat collection.


Check out some of their top selling products from their effective collection below:


Glow In Dark Gel GPG

Give the nails an entrancing look. Available in a variety of eye catching colors, the glow in the dark gel polish is perfect to have a light source on nails.


Mermaid Gel Polish MR series

Wonderful effect for your nails with the ultimate sublime mermaid collection, with selected magical shimmer and light shadow color.


Holographic Gel Polish RH4 series

Tiny specks of holographic material suspended in a colored gel polish base. Make the effect of moving bands of rainbow on the nails under the light.


If you want to order gel polish from their effective collection or have a recipe to create your own gel polish, contact COS BEAUTY CO LTD or learn more at

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