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Glittery Play Collection

Gel Nail Polish

Enhance Your Glittery Play Collection with Premium Gel Nail Polish

Women should be empowered to be able to celebrate their femininity with glitter on their nails instead of just sticking to neutrals and mattes. Glitter play nail polish is not just for the young ladies out there. Young ladies and women alike love to add some sparkle to their nails because it shouts out “fun”. And who doesn’t want to have fun? That is why it is always nice to add a glittery play collection to your brand. If you have a nail polish company, or just starting one up, contact COS BEAUTY CO LTD. COS BEAUTY CO LTD is a manufacturer of gel nail polish and they specialize in private label products in small and large quantities. With their dynamic team of specialists in the field of polymer chemistry they will be able to formulate a glittery gel nail polish that you can add to your glittery play collection that your consumers are sure to love. With COS BEAUTY CO LTD, you are guaranteed quality and great customer service. Their goal is to provide top-notch products to help you enhance your brand.


Below are some of their top selling gel nail polish from their glittery play collection:


Glitter play gel PTG-G series

Special glitter player series

31 colors


Parrot Gel PTG Series

Parrot UV gel is a glitter gel directly ready for use. Glitter does not settle at the bottom of the pot, no need to mix them before each use.

This gel will seduce you with its excellent adhesion and long durability.

The gels of the parrot gel range contain very large flakes, therefore, these gels have a very high percentage of flakes, which makes their viscosity very thick, much thicker than that of standard UV gels.

For ultra glamorous nails!

24 colors


Order your premium gel nail polish from COS BEAUTY CO LTD at

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