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Intensive Collection

Let COS BEAUTY CO LTD Take Your Brand To The Next Level With Their Intensive Collection

Any nail polish product line isn’t complete without an intensive collection. COS BEAUTY CO LTD, manufacturers of world-class, quality nail gel products has a great selection in their intensive selection available for brands who want to take their company to the next level.


Check out below some of their top sellers in the intensive collection:


Blooming Neon Gel Polish

Amazing neon colors that blooms in the dark for summer nights attractive effect


Glass Amber Gel Polish GA series

Transparent gel for applying a coloured finish to glass and transparent surfaces. It bonds extremely well with nails to achieve a permanent finish.


Lollipop Gel Polish LO series

The Lollipop collection are hot colours inspired mostly by the summer. Vivid and unique shades that will keep delighting you for your whole holiday trip.


To see all of their products in their intensive collection, go to

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