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Nail Art Gel

Artistic Collection

Bring Your Brand to the Next Level with Quality Nail Art Gel

Every woman loves nail art. It’s a way to set themselves apart and show their own unique sense of style. It’s not boring and there are endless possibilities when it comes to nail art. That is why nail art gel is still thriving as one of the biggest cosmetic trends today. If you are looking for a manufacturer of nail art gel, look no further than COS BEAUTY CO LTD. COS BEAUTY CO LTD specializes in private label products in small and large quantities and are manufacturers of high quality nail gel products. In their artistic collection, you will find nail art get manufactured to the highest standards. Choose their Mirror Silver Nail Art Gel, which will turn your nails into fine real silver looking and is suitable for polishing or for making impressive designs. Or try out their Chrome Nail Art Gel, which will change your nails into a magic mirror effect with a choice of amazing shades. Whether you want to order from their artistic collection or if you have an idea with your own requirements, COS BEAUTY CO LTD’s dynamic team of specialists in the field of polymer chemistry can help create nail art gel that will help to bring your brand to the next level.


Other nail art gel included in their artistic collection:


Wiredraw Painting Gel / Spider HA Series

This range of gel is inspired by the needs of the most demanding nail artists. Thanks to the very special texture of this new gel you can make beautiful nail art very quickly.


4D Carving Painting Gel HB series

The 4D carving gel is a post-modern product with a plasticine consistency to perform spatial decorations such as bows, flowers, lace or figures. By refining the patterns, you do not have to hurry - to create a perfect three-dimensional flower or bows you can spend as much time as you want, the mass remains plastic until you harden it in the lamp.


Learn how you can get your nail art gel or order from COS BEAUTY CO LTD’s at

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