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Platinum Collection

Premium Nail Gel

Don’t Let Poor Workmanship Bring Down Your Platinum Collection

Platinum nail polish really brings out your nails and gives it a very luxurious look that is great for any occasion. But what if the brand of platinum nail polish that you wear doesn’t apply easily or doesn’t last long, is it even worth putting on? Those are some qualities that consumers consider when looking for a platinum collection. That is where COS BEAUTY CO LTD.


COS BEAUTY CO LTD is a manufacturer of premium nail gel products. They specialize in private label products in small and large quantities. Their attention to detail, commitment to providing products to the highest standards, many years of experience in premium nail gel production and flexibility to adapt, has made them a leading source for entrepreneurs who are looking to build their brand in the nail polish industry. From conception to completion, they are dedicated to providing their customers with great service and premium nail gel service.


Check out some their top sellers in their platinum collection below:



Sparkle Collection SPC Series

Vibrant, high-coverage, and super-concentrated. The glitter, suspended in a color-based gel, glides on nails easily. The formula designed to shine brightly with flashes of light.


Motley Platinum Gel MOP Series

The new collection of platinum gel MOP for polishing or for design. Mixture of fine to medium round metallic and colored glitters provides a stunning texture of multicolor platinum effect. With medium or thick viscosity and with special formula for easy application, good coverage, stable coating and long lasting effect.


Mineral platinum gel MGP series

Mineral amazing platinum gel for special effect on your nails


If you have ideas (colour, viscosity, qualities of adhesion, curing, brilliance, opacity, etc.) for your platinum collection, let them know and they can come up with original recipe to meet your needs.


Learn more about COS BEAUTY CO LTD, go to

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