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Rubber base coat  RB-E  / RB-H

Rubber Base has a unique rubber-based formula that makes it one of the best bases on the market! This varnish base is thicker than usual which allows it to be more easily applied, whether to form the basic structure of the nail or reconstruct it, while maintaining the curve in natural C of the nail.
With a guaranteed 2-3 week hold, the Rubber Base stays flexible, does not sag, does not crack and keeps its shape all along. This base also dissolves very well in acetone without requiring the use of a file or sander.
it have three kind variety to match with any kind of nails
RB-E: Super elastic
RB-H: strong and elastic 
It is recommended to use this base on weak, dry or soft nails.

OEM / ODM for private label

Bulk Package/ Customized Bottle

Rubber base coat RB-E / RB-H

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