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Gel builder no hot no pain no burn. 
For the construction of nails, extensions on stems and reverses
Can be used in a thin layer for a very natural look
Melting self-leveling consistenc
Easy to work
does not flow

The camouflage gel or make up gel can hide the defects of the natural nail or get a unified hue for uv gel poses. These Camouflage Cover Builder gels are used as a base layer but also as a construction gel for a more opaque rendering. The camouflage gel is available in different shades ranging from light beige to pink covering to perfectly match the natural shade of your nails. The camouflage gel can also be applied as a topcoat to soften the hue of your french.

21 colors + transparent

OEM / ODM for private label

Bulk Package/ Customized Bottle

UV builder gel / camouflage UG series

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